Christopher Lytle

Chris Lytle is co-founder of Smith Point Capital. He brings more than 25 years of experience in technology investing and management roles. Over the past 13 years, Chris has served as President of Longfellow L.P., where he performed the dual roles of investor and executive positions at two technology companies. Chris currently serves on the Boards of Inseego and Prolifiq and is a strategic advisor to Virtualitics.

Before 2019, Chris was an investor and EVP of Enterprise SaaS & Chief Strategy Officer at Inseego, a publicly traded 5G and edge compute company. In 2017, Chris led the hiring of a new management team and the creation of a new strategic plan. In addition, he led the restructuring of the balance sheet and recruitment of strategic capital.

From 2013 to 2016, Chris served as lead investor and President of Cavulus, a privately held SaaS company focused on the automation of individual health plan membership acquisition, where he led both sales and finance functions. As the lead investor of a syndicate owning 50 percent of Cavulus, he led the sale of this stake to UPMC Enterprises in 2017.

Prior to these operating roles, Chris started the RCL Capital hedge fund at John Levin & Co. in 2003 and sold a controlling position in the fund to Morgan Stanley in 2006. He served as Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and managed the fund until 2009.